About me

String Art (Filography)

I’ve been practicing this art already since years. Drawing shapes, driving nails on them and stretching the wire between those all, forming the splendour of Arabic characters onto leather and velvet canvas through copper wire, using calligraphic works of different artists and classical Islamic symbols, bringing them till the last shape and in the end of the job hanging all of them on my wall, has been a part of my life for all these years.

Since the day I’ve become conscious of my Muslim identity, the Arabic alphabet has impressed and inspired me so much. Ornaments, flowers, branches, ivies, and their harmony within the Arabic calligraphy was always a unique sense of taste for both my soul and home where I often apply my works. Moreover, I like seeing and taking photographs around Balkans and ex-Ottoman lands to find out materials for my works. For me, carrying them into this shining work, where wires and nails create a nest with each other, means a permanent beauty decorating a wall for many years without fading away.

Such activities have left their traces on my soul, and I feel now very lucky to earn through them my living, as well as to donate works of mine to various mosques around the Balkans, claiming no any charge of it as long as it is done for the sake of Allah, with the aim of decorating His blessed houses. It was my dream and driving ambition as a mother, to be a professional artist and produce many works, and I’m very proud to see that almost all of my dreams have come true so far.

I’ve been asked several times what I think of when I’m stretching wires, and I know that people expect a kind of “arty” answer, but in fact, I am mostly lost in the process. I’m obsessed in the shine, colour, as you can see in many of my works, and I still struggle to discover more and more calligraphies to be applied on canvas through String Art techniques from historical mosques as well as from the fascinating beauty of nature we live in, created by sublime art of the Almighty Allah. Roses, flowers, leafage and every kind of beauty are very inspiring for me when I practice this work shaping His name on canvas.

I like to explore many of the shapes in Islamic history of art and their images, the love between shapes and their meanings, the duel between techniques and moods, the contrast between corners and twists, the harmony of metal and velvet on same.

Colour plays the focal role in what I forming. A high or low mixture of densely knotted calligraphy, a piece of nature if needed, a big part of sense of patience and of course a divine love who surrounding and inspiring me a lot.

Thank you.

Elona HOŞ